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WORKING AREAS: Health and Plant Protection


  • Specific monitoring of pests, diseases, deficiencies, etc. in scrubland and / or gardens
  • Advice for damage control in the scrubland and / or gardens
  • Fieldwork for damage detection, identification and evaluation
  • Sampling and sample analysis for the identification of biotic and / or abiotic damage
  • Physical-mechanical studies using visual and instrumental evaluations
  • Installation of pheromone traps. Monitoring and analysis of outcomes
  • Plant health reporting


  • Advice on the implementation of Integrated Pest management
  • Task developement within the Integrated Pest Management framework
  • Ensure compliance with RD 1311/2012 (sustainable use of pesticides)
  • Implementation of the quality seal “Gardens for Integrated Pest Management”


  • Identification of useful fauna species
  • Pre-feasibility studies of Biological Pests Control
  • Advice on the use of Biological Control for conservation
  • Release of natural enemies (Biological Control by flood and / or inoculation)
  • Studies of the effectiveness of Biological Control through specific follow-up


  • Treatments with biological products (natural origin), as authorized in Ecological Agriculture
  • Treatment of diseases with antimicrobial peptides
  • Release of natural enemies for Biological Pests Control
  • Carrying out of any type of treatment with synthetic chemical products (insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, etc.)
  • Analysis of efficacy of the treatments
  • Advice on the use of the available products for plant protection
  • PARTICULARS: moles, wasps, processionary, cameraria, aphids, ants, pigeons, starlings, etc.