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Jackes Henry- B. de Saint Pere

Nature is great in big things, but is immense in tiny ones

Science is like planet Earth:
you can hold just a bit of it


Carl Sagan

There is not a single scientific concept that cannot be
explained in ordinary language to common people

Carl Sagan

It can´t be found under the sky a single animal or creature,
which hasn´t its opposite. It is a Nature law.

Martin Luther King

Even though I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,
I would still plant a tree today

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Mistrust in science generates innovation, trust only stagnation


We are all different but the same

Earth Charter (preamble)
ONU París, 2000

Protection of Earth´s vitality diversity and beauty is a sacred trust.


INFFE S.L (Engineering for the Environment) is a service company created to meet both public and private demands within the natural environment. Its activity is mainly focused in the forestry sector, Natural Protected Areas and Urban Green Spaces throughout the country. It conducts studies, investigations and surveys, some of them in collaboration with several Universities.

Human Resources

INFFE is integrated by professionals with many years of experience in the different fields it addresses.

The company has a multidisciplinary team of Engineers, Biologists, Environmental Sciences graduates, and other technical professionals. Among these are Plant Health consultants (Registered at ROPO) and tree nurserymen expert in tree risk evaluation.

On account of the specialized nature of certain works, INFFE has created an extensive network of partners, through which highest execution reliability is ensured.

Material Resources

INFFE is a specialized yet completely versatile company, whose utmost commitment is to offer the highest quality in the performed works.

  • · Laboratory for rearing and identification of plant pests and their natural enemies.
  • · Equipment for field sampling collection.
  • · Pheromone traps (Delta, Theysohn, “G” type, multifunnel, mass capturing, etc.).
  • · Machinery for phytosanitary treatments performance (cannon sprayers, backpack sprayers, etc.).
  • · Tree endotherapy kits.
  • · Sonic tomograph
  • · Tree resistograph
  • · Fractometer
  • · Increment borer
  • · AirSpade
  • · Etc
  • · Bloodless wildlife trapping systems.
  • · Phototrapping for wildlife monitoring.
  • · Optical equipment for wildlife studies.
  • · Safe wildlife handling equipment.
  • · Radio transmitter equipment for wildlife tracking.
  • · Chiroptera acoustical monitoring equipment.
  • · Skidders
  • · Weeding machines
  • · Work platforms
  • · Water trucks
  • · Mobile walking excavator
  • · Backhoe
  • · GPS technology
  • · Professional photography equipment

Occupational Hazard Prevention

In the framework of Law 31/1995, November 8th, about Occupational Hazard Prevention and pursuant to the provisions of the Regulations for Prevention Services, INFFE has arranged with an External Prevention Service (with the company MGO), accredited to act as such in all forms of prevention:

  • · Occupational Safety
  • · Industrial Hygiene
  • · Ergonomics – Psychosociology
  • · Health Medical Surveillance